Verge is actively looking for new investment opportunities in the southwest. Over the course of their careers, the Principals have had extensive experience working with over 20 early-stage companies. Verge Fund is interested in finding energetic entrepreneurs and companies with which to partner. The portfolio below illustrates the Fund's active approach to investing.

ALTELA | www.altelainc.com | Altela Corporation applies proprietary water clean-up technology to eliminating the liability of Produced Water (PW) in the oil and natural gas industry thereby freeing producers from all aspects of their present PW problems: legal liability, technical problems, environmental issues, water hauling, salt water disposal injection wells, and EPA permitting.  

Attached apps | www.attachedapps.com | We created Attached Apps to transform business software.  Now you can deploy core business applications with all the advantages and convenience of modern apps.  Our Apps draw from the power of Office 365 and deliver the best of both worlds-robust Microsoft cloud infrastructure combined with a terrific user experience.  Together with our partners, we manage the details so you can concentrate on growing your business. Our pursuit: "Removing the tehnical obstacles to greatness".

BoomTime | www.boomtime.com | BoomTime enables small, service-based businesses to have a real relationship with their clients online. BoomTime's first vertical is SpaBoom, focused on online marketing for spas. BoomTime has recently launched Joy of Spa Universal Gift Certificates and the Joy of Spa website, a female-focused e-zine and national directory for spa gift certificates, a complement to its national spa directory, Spa Emergency, a more male-centric consumer-focused website.  BoomTime also serves the restaurant vertical with its CoverBoom brand which launched in mid-2007.

eXEMPLIFY  | www.exemplify.com | Exemplify was created to fill the gaps in existing transactional KM and search solutions via an entirely new approach. Targeted at transactional attorneys, Exemplify creates a comprehensive blackline against the market standard for language and terms.

intellicyt  | www.intellicyt.com | IntelliCyt Corporation develops and markets innovative high throughput cell screening solutions for drug discovery and life science research.  The company offers instrumentation and informatics products, cell analysis and screening expertise,  and associated technical support and services  that make it possible for users to handle large scale cell-based assays, faster.   Now in use at pharmaceutical companies, biotechnololgy companies and research institutes, IntelliCyt’s instruments, software and service solutions are leading the way to a new age of high throughput flow cytometry-based cell screening solutions in drug discovery, systems biology and life sciences research applications.

Liquidpractice  |www.liquidpractice.com|LiquidPractice is a software company that develops practice management applications for law firms that run on Office 365, Microsoft's cloud-based business productivity suite.

With LiquidPractice on Office 365, an entire firm's operation can be brought into the cloud: firm data, case management details, documents, Exchange email & calendar, and the entire suite of Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint. etc.) are available to you at any time, on almost any device without the hassle and expense of running your own servers and other network infrastructure.

NANOCRYSTALNanocrystal Corporation is commercializing high-brightness light-emitting diodes for consumer markets such as solid-state lighting and liquid crystal display backlighting in laptops, mobile devices, automotive and television applications. The patented, defect-free Gallium Nitride structure semiconductor technology will be used to develop more efficient devices - lower cost, improved reliability, and higher power, thus enabling high-volume adoption.

Nuvita  | www.nuvita.com |Health care providers have long understood the benefits of intervention in high risk individuals.   Delaying the onset of a lifestyle disease saves thousands of dollars annually in direct medical and pharmaceutical expenses.   Nuvita is an Albuquerque-based company that combines leading-edge science, technology and innovative distribution to improve individual health and reduce the risk of disease and ultimately decrease health care costs for providers, employers and individuals.

PAJARITO POWDER  | www.pajaritopowder.com | Pajarito Powder, LLC (PPC) is a venture-backed company founded with the mission of being the world's first manufacturer of non-platinum fuel cell catalysts. Existing catalysts are made with platinum, an exorbitantly expensive substance with a turbulent and precarious supply chain. Working with three of the world's leading catalyst researchers (Los Alamos National Laboratory, the University of New Mexico, and Michigan State University), PPC is developing a catalyst made of widely available and inexpensive materials yet has the performance and durability needed for today's applications.

TruTouch | www.trutouchtechnologies.com | Located in Albuquerque, NM, TruTouch has developed and demonstrated innovative testing systems that measure alcohol in people using optical technology. The technology enables completely noninvasive and fluidless alcohol measurements. The company's vision is to reduce the devastating impact and costs of alcohol abuse on society through improved testing technologies.

Vertical Power | www.verticalpower.com | Vertical Power offers you a new way to wire and fly your experimental aircraft. Wiring is simplified by using a centralized, fault-tolerant Control Unit to control the electrical power to the devices and contactors on your aircraft. Most switches, circuit breakers, and various modules are replaced by modern, solid-state circuitry. Routine pilot tasks are handled by an intelligent, microprocessor-controlled system that allows you to spend more time flying with your head outside the cockpit. It’s like having a virtual co-pilot with you.

Vibrant Corporation | www.vibrantndt.com |Vibrant was formed for the sole purpose of commercializing Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) for the aerospace and power generation industries. PCRT is a revolutionary non-destructive testing technology that can determine if a component is structurally sound and fit for service.

WellKeeper | www.wellkeeper.com | Wellkeeper was formed nearly 7 years ago to develop reliable, dependable and affordable remote monitoring solutions for independent oil and gas operators. The resulting patent pending technology is now providing vital business information to operators in the Permian Basin, the San Juan Basin, Barnett Shale and Oklahoma. WellKeeper is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico with sales offices in Midland, TX and  Dallas, TX.

ZTEC INSTRUMENTS  | www.ztec-inc.com | ZTEC Instruments is a pioneering instrument design and manufacturing company whose products include modular digital oscilloscopes, waveform generators, RF frequency counters, RF power meters and timing references. Embedded intelligence allows these products to significantly reduce test time and complexity. From commercial manufacturing to military and aerospace applications, ZTEC products empower users to develop custom test and measurement solutions.